Let's Bomb it.


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2011,November, it is an unlucky month and a lot of unlucky things happen in my life.
These things really ruined my life.
I saw the smile face when I was tidying my cupboard.
I feel calm and being cheer  by this yellowish happy ball.
I recall back when I was young my cousin gave me this.
This ball it is amazing, no matter how you turn it around the smiley face will still facing up.
It is really inspired me and let me know the important of moral value, determination.
Something was appear in my mind.
I want to spread this big things around.
Let's rock it !!!

As usual, I use to draft in my sketchbook.


2011 Place to collect the stickers and stick it !

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  1. Be Happy ! The luck will follow a happy person !!
    From your Aunt. :-)